Science Quest Mission Awesome Kaleidoscope

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Why should I go to the quest "Amazing Kaleidoscope"?

1. TELEPORT360 offers interactive interactive cognitive programs for students to train attention, logic, and intelligence.
2. Problems adapted to the age of schoolchildren will help understand the laws of nature and motivate them to learn.
3. Interactive digital projections, musical accompaniment and special effects will turn learning into continuous entertainment.

"Amazing Kaleidoscope" is a unique event for your child. We suggest to go on an incredible color trip together with our special agents!

At the time of the quest, everything around you will turn into a real color fireworks display. Even your shadow will turn color! You will learn a lot of new and interesting things. For example, what exactly makes the leaves green. Or how to use a transparent liquid to turn white flowers into blue. Or maybe you've always dreamed of testing the power of the air ... Then come along with us on this amazing journey!

Stunning riddles, extraordinary transformations, interesting tasks and real scientific research - that's what awaits you on our quest! This is a cognitive event that will inspire your child to study! After all, boring school lessons can easily be transformed into fascinating adventures. And during this exciting expedition we will select the "green heart" of plants, create a colored shadow, look at the world through unusual glasses, find the code in a flowering garden, check ourselves for resourcefulness and ingenuity ...

And most importantly we will receive simply a huge portion of new impressions and pleasures! A good mood is guaranteed 100%!

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