The Imaginary Sick

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Why is it worth going to the play The Imaginary Sick?

1. Re-think your attitude towards life and death
2. To look at the mistakes of the heroes of the play, so as not to repeat them on their own experience
3. Enjoy the wonderful choreography

Meet a real gift from the theater of the Russdrama - the bright, lively and extraordinarily inspiring comedy of the immortal Jean-Baptiste Moliere "The Imaginary Sick."

Perhaps now you will be surprised, but this play was written with a special purpose - to show the viewer how to overcome the fear of... death. And although the primary educational significance of the "The Imaginary Sick" has now been lost, the comedy directed by A. Katz (together with Olga Gavrilyuk) continues to please everyone: from very young spectators to fans of the theater of venerable age.

The main actor - monsieur Arganu is not at all to laugh. He is old, lonely in his own way, and terribly bored! Therefore, there is nothing for him to do, how to show an extraordinary imagination and come up with another incurable disease. Now his life has achieved a goal! And every day is fresh, like invented diseases. And that the adventure did not bring losses, it would be nice to give a daughter a daughter - for a doctor. And son-in-law in the house, and a free doctor. Although no, all these doctors are solid charlatans, and Monsieur Argan himself suffered from so many "witches" that he will quite go down for a living encyclopedia. That why not be very well-known healer? What will the play end and what lessons will its heroes receive? See for yourself! And enjoy!

One can not fail to note the fantastic work of theatergoers: the amazing scenography of Tatyana Shvets, the wonderful costumes of Elena Drobnoi, the music of Vladimir Bruss and the spectacular ballet by Alla Rubina and Svetlana Prikhodko.

On the stage, David Babayev (Argan), Irina Novak (Bulina, Argan's second wife), Elena Topol (Angelica, daughter), Alexander Getmansky (Berald, Argan's brother), Vyacheslav Nikolenko (Cleant, beloved Angelica ), Michael August (Diafaurus, doctor) and other talented theater actors.

The duration of the play "The Imaginary Sick" - 2 hours 35 minutes. Comedy with two intermissions.