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The performance "Stolen Christmas" in Odesa will be held at the Odesa Regional Puppet Theater.

Why is it worth going to the theater for the performance "Stolen Christmas" in Odesa?
    A good New Year's fairy tale for the youngest viewers.
  1. A fascinating story and vivid scenery.
Spectacular "Stolen Christmas" in Odesa

We invite your whole family to the fabulous performance "Stolen Christmas". An interesting plot, professional presentation and children's favorite characters are the key to a wonderful holiday atmosphere. Don't miss it!

Winter adventures of forest animals and the magic of Christmas in the performance of the Odesa Puppet Theater

"Stolen Christmas" is a wonderful story, funny and touching, about kind forest inhabitants who are looking forward to Christmas, and the Fox, who does not like this winter holiday at all. So the gloomy Fox decided to steal the holiday... The good animals will try to save Christmas and soften the Fox's hard heart. Will they succeed and will the Fox realize that Christmas is not only a Christmas tree and gifts, but also family warmth and happiness from communication - you will find out in the bright performance. See you soon!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Stolen Christmas" in Odesa?

You can quickly order tickets online on the Concert.ua website.