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Stolen Princess

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Why go to the Christmas Story "Stolen Princess"?

1. Based on the first full-length animated cartoon for Ukrainian and international rolled out Animagrad animation studio
2. Musical accompaniment from Open Kids and Nude Voices
3. Unique costumes and scenery that will recreate the fairy-tale world of your favorite cartoon on stage.

Christmas Story in Ukrainian: "Stolen Princess" returns caretakers in the format of theatrical performance!

FILM.UA Group and Studio "Fairy Tales happen" represent the long-awaited performance of "The Stolen Princess". Ruslan and Lyudmila, Nestor and Khomyak Vinnytsia, Prince Vladimir and Chornomor, after conquering the big screens of the country, continue to expand the borders and master new formats. At the end of December, the characters of the favorite Ukrainian cartoon will be given a festive mood already at the theatrical stage - in the special New Year's show "Stolen Princess".

Intrigue sorcerer The blackmilus kidnaps the luscious princess with the help of magic. To save Lyudmila, the brave Ruslan, along with his friend Nestor, traverses into the charming winter world, where it turns out that the Black Sea has already deceived many wizards, even Santa... On New Year's Eve, at exactly midnight, the evil sorcerer plans to bring the girl to sacrifice to receive unlimited power and eternal life.

The statement of the performance and adaptation of the animation to the theatrical format is engaged in the team of the agency "Fairy Tales happen." The founder of Katerina Polyanska's studio is a producer and director of theatrical production. Together with her, the director is Yevgeny Bushmakin - a teacher of acting and the lead role in the movie "Hero of my time". Andrei Sidorko, the main teacher and choreographer of the Open Art Studio children's creative development studio, the director and choreographer of the Arena Lviv 2012 projects, the Open Kids show became the choreographer.

The cast of the setting includes young but talented professional film and theater actors: Alexander Dudovska (Mila), Leo Dolubyekov (Ruslan), Sergey Volosovets (Fin), Nicholas Golovchak (Chernomor), Oleg Shevtsov (Hamster and Prince Vladimir) , Alexander Tsener (Nestor), Roman Sobolevsky (Farlaf).

Musically design than the original soundtrack, and compositions are young but already well-known Ukrainian musical duo students, finalists show "Voice of the country» Nude Voices. The song "The Sun", which will sound in the final of the performance, will be performed by one of the most popular pop groups in Ukraine Open Kids.

Especially for theatrical screening, unique costumes of heroes and scenery of plays were developed, which will help to recreate the fairy-tale world of your favorite cartoon on stage.

The show will be interesting for family viewing, but the main audience is children aged 5 to 12 years.

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