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Christmas-New Year performance - Ukrainian nativity scene

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Why it is worth going to the Christmas-New Year's performance "Ukrainian nativity scene"?

1. This Ukrainian nativity scene - a unique presentation for Christmas and New Year. Festive mood guaranteed!
2. Family performance - without age restrictions, equally interesting and useful for children and adults.
3. Bright puppet theater intertwined with live vocals.

Ukrainian nativity scene known from the distant XVII century. This is a unique phenomenon in the theatrical culture of Ukraine.

For example, the secular part of the presentation marked the beginning of the 19th century Ukrainian comedy. The nave puppet theater had the form of a two-story wooden house. On the second floor, they showed the Christmas drama, and on the first floor - a satirical household interface tied to it.

It is for this classic canon built and our den. The performance is interesting and useful, both for children of different ages and for their parents. It has a lot of live vocals, bright dolls, witty jokes. Christmas mood guarantee!

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