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Ukrainian song walks on the ground, congratulates on the holiday

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On December 20 and 24, the Fusion JazzVox chamber choir will perform at TEO, accompanied by musicians A. Kurin (piano) and A. Lupashko (percussion), in the visual design of VJ DEP.
The program includes Ukrainian folk Christmas songs and the cycle "12 Days of Christmas" by the contemporary British composer Bob Chilcott.
The authentic Christmas songs familiar to everyone will remind us of what the New Year and Christmas holidays were like when we were small and the trees were big. Those who do not know Ukrainian folk songs will be able to get acquainted. And so that the acquaintance becomes close and immediately grows into friendship, all spectators will receive a libretto of the performance, and we, like in a long time ago, will sing all together.
Choir members:
E. Kravchenko, E. Ovcharuk, L. Mazur (soprano).
V. Golovina, Y. Kononchuk, T. Ignatenko (violas).
M. Gazin, R. Bondarchuk, M. Kozchenko (tenor).
I. Voronko, A. Krivorotenko, A. Sergeev (bass).
The conductor and director of the choir is Anna Kondratyeva.
FuSion Jazzvox is a chamber choir, winner of the Grand Prix at the International Competition-Festival of Talent "Parade of Stars 2020" (Krakow, Polska), 1st place at the international professional competition of singers, musicians and songwriters "Constellation Ukraine".
Concert in two parts.
IMPORTANT! We ask you not to be late, the doors of the theater close at exactly 18:00. After the start of the concert, spectators are not allowed into the hall.

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