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The terribly ridiculous underground grows and takes root in various parts of the country. And the more steep shows are produced by the residents of the underground Stendapa, the larger are the grounds for meetings of comedians with their devoted fans.

This time the best participants of the Underground Standup will gather on the stage and will perform wonders in your mind. Do not miss: a special program, new numbers and a sea of ​​positive!

Among the steep participants of the show are Nastya Derskaya, Svetlana Zagakevich, Andrey Shchegel and many more bright humorists.

And if you are among those who are not "scammed" to rise Saturday, Sunday or even in the evening and go to the appointed club at the appointed time, then you are the very "initiated." And only for you will open all the secrets of the world of laughter, all the secret techniques of humor and much more that is departed and unforgettable. But necessarily - incredibly funny!

In the Underground Stand, perhaps there are more questions than answers. No one knows exactly where these guys came from, who they are and where they will hold the next concert. But you certainly can be familiar with their faces. Remembered? Did you see them in the club, in a comedy show or just on the street? Just do not tell anyone. Remember: everything is very secret!

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