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Why should you go to UPARK FESTIVAL 2018?

1. To see the live performance of Gorillaz, Massive Attack, Bonobo, Tove Lo, Young Fathers, Kaleo, ONUKA, YUKO and other artists.
2. To live a full life and accumulate emotions from truly large-scale events.
3. This is a high-level musical holiday.

The scale of the UPark Festival 2018 is growing with every star announcement. The festival continues to expand its linap, and along with the number of participants, the number of lights, sound, screens, special effects and other equipment brought to Kiev by artists will increase!

The more those who want to hear these incredible live events, the wider the area that will be needed to accommodate all viewers and make UPark Festival a comfortable and truly enjoyable musical event.

And so the new location UPark Festival 2018 - the stadium "Dynamo" them. Lobanovsky.

All tickets purchased are valid.

On July 25, the guests of UPark Festival will witness an unforgettable show that unites the virtual world of Gorillaz and real artists in incredible installations using fantastic light-visual technologies.

The second participant of the first day of the festival will be talented and bright Tove Lo .

In addition, another participant of the UPark Festival will be one of the most notable quartets of recent years - Kaleo.

And the domestic scene on this day will be presented by the project-opening of 2017 in the Ukrainian music space - the YUKO group .

July 26, the festival will shock Massive Attack 3D and Daddy G ! Cult Brits will bring their famous show to Kiev. Tons of sophisticated equipment, unique visual effects, the best musicians.

Also on the second day of the festival, July 26, for the first time in Kiev, will present its serene, relaxing and endlessly romantic live guru downtempo Bonobo.

The most discussed hip-hop group in England, the holders of the Mercury Prize, the psychedelic boyband Young Fathers present in Kiev their new record.

And after the announcements of performances at the European festivals Sziget and Pohoda, the ONUKA group's schedule was replenished with the summer festival slot in Kiev.


On the account of Gorillaz the Grammy statuette for the same Feel Good Inc. and, a record 9 (!) nominations for other works. For 12 years, they turned into an icon of the world of pop music, and releasing in 2010 The Fall, said goodbye to him.

After 7 years, Gorillaz is back in business. This is the very return that Billboard or NME is called a loud kambek. After their calm, they returned with a 16-track Humanz album and a length in genre life.

In the new release Gorillaz skillfully connected pop, electronics, R'n'B and could not do without rock'n'roll .. Humanz in Gorillaz's career is the case when it's really realistic to jump above your head. This tour together with Gorillaz is played by more than twenty artists filling their shows with bright colors ..

Massive Attack

Massive Attack - a group from Bristol (Great Britain), formed in 1988, the pioneers of the musical style of trip-hop.

The band released five studio albums, a soundtrack, one remix album and a collection of hits. Massive Attack often collaborates with other musicians as co-authors, producers or remixers of individual compositions. The electronic style of the band's music is represented by a mixture of jazz, hip-hop, rock, reggae and soul. One of the leading representatives of the Bristol underground scene.

The band has a permanent composition, but third-party vocalists and session musicians are invited to record new albums - from Horace Andy and Sinead O'Connor to Madonna and David Bowie. The compositions of the group are heard in many television shows and films ("Jackal", "Batman Forever", "Moulin Rouge!", "Blade II", "Doctor House", "Matrix", "Crime Zone", "Charmed", "Big Kush "," 187 "," Escape "," Stay "," Pi (film) "," Luck (television series) "," Dross (television series) "," Luther (television series) ", etc.)


The debut album Animal Magic of the British producer, DJ and musician Simon Green, known to the world as Bonobo, Animal Magic was released in 2000. In total for his musical career Bonobo has published six studio albums. Each of them can be called an ideal combination of relaxed electronics, light jazz and unobtrusive ethnics.

The sixth shortlist Bonobo Migration was released in January and received two nominations for Grammy. One of the main advantages of recording is the accurate selection of guest vocalists.

Tove Lo

On the account of Tov Lo, the first position of the Billboard charts, the nomination for Grammy and the modest title "The Best Artist of Sweden" by the version of the MTV Europe Music Awards. The Star of Tov was lit in Stockholm in 2013. The debut single Habits glorified the girl at home, and the remix of Stay High brought this glory to the dance floors of other countries.

As a guest guest, Tove Lo managed to roll back joint tours with Kathy Perry, Taylor Swift and Maroon 5. And Coldplay did a joint composition with Fun at all. Among other things, on the account of Tov Lo there are three studio albums, a scandalous video "Fairy Dust", the soundtrack for the film "Hunger Games" and a couple of hits written for Icona Pop, Girls Aloud and Sher Lloyd.

Young Fathers

Psychedelic hip-hop boyzbend is already coming to us with a new album!

They are the most discussed hip-hop group in England, holders of the Mercury Prize. And their debut album "Dead" bypassed the work of Damon Albarn himself.

Young Fathers break frames and mix styles without fear for the result, because it is always above all expectations. They mix hip-hop, soul, trip-hop, folk notes and a little low-fay quite in a special way. Therefore, according to Young Fathers, no one in the world can sound like they are anymore. Three years ago, Kiev was already dancing at a concert of a steep group, it's time to repeat!


Even if you think for a moment that you do not know this name, you can rest assured - you are exactly familiar with their music! "Way Down We Go" - this sounds the phrase instantly opening the hearts of music lovers around the world. The main hit of Kaleo can be heard on the air of the best radio stations in Europe and the USA, as well as in the most famous television series.

Kaleo traveled with concerts in 40 states, opened a show of the legendary The Rolling Stone, got on the list of "musicians that must be watched" according to Rolling Stone's version and collected more than 114 million video views on Youtube!

A cheerful mixture of blues-acoustic folk and rock-n-roll motifs from Kaleo has already sounded at the best music festivals in Europe, the USA and Iceland, it's time for Kiev. July 25, "Way Down We Go" for the first time will sound in Ukraine as part of the UPark Festival.


Ukrainian project, not requiring a presentation. ONUKA has already earned the public recognition and can be called the pride of Ukrainian modern music.

ONUKA was founded in 2013 and quickly became one of the main discoveries of the local scene. Three years later, in 2017, the band received international recognition after performing in the final Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. Following the announcements of ONUKA's performances at the European festivals Sziget and Pohoda, the schedule of the group was replenished with the summer festival set in Kiev.

At the UPark Festival, the band will present songs from their new album MOZAЇKA, as well as tracks from the previous LPs "Vidlik" and "Onuka".


The history of the YUKO group began with a meeting between Yulia Yurina and Stas Korolev in 2016 on the "Voice of the Kraini" show, after which, at the initiative of Ivan Dorn's mentor, the artists began to create their own music - the synthesis of folk and wild electronics.

On the stage, Stas and Yulia are a single well-organized organism that generates so much energy that it will easily suffice for a small microdistrict. The material that YUKO uses in its work is the real Ukrainian songs of our ancestors, collected by folklorist scientists in different parts of the country, including Julia herself.

The first fame for the group was the single "Masha", released in February 2017, and secured - the spring EP "Schebetuha". After the festival summer, the band released their debut video for the song "Zayenka" and later in the autumn - a full-length album "Ditch", which summed up the year-long existence of YUKO.

Summer, music, happy people. These are the ingredients of the cocktail, the name of which is UPark Festival 2018.

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