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Subscriptions for 3 days of the festival are available at each event - FAN 3 day pass (16/17 / 18.07) and VIP 3 day pass (16/17 / 18.07)

Why go to UPARK FESTIVAL 2019?

1. To see live performances of your favorite world famous artists.
2. To live a full life and accumulate emotions from really large-scale events.
3. This is a high level music festival.

For the third time at the height of the hot summer in Kiev one of the main musical events of the city will take place - UPark Festival.

From July 16 to July 18, the UPark Team will turn 7 hectares of the Kiev Sky Family Park into a real valley of music and adventure in the center of the megalopolis. Park space, divided into zones, each of which is full of entertainment. A huge open-air swimming pool, Sky Beach Bar, a sapboard and wake station, a playground and many food courts. But the main thing is music.

July 16
The first day of the festival will be led by the British metallers Bring Me The Horizon . These guys confidently went to recognition from the very beginning in 2004, becoming one of the headliners of the 2010s metalcore scene. Heavy and powerful sound, inherited from the pioneers of metalcore, the group diluted with elements of melodic hardcore, alternative, electronic and post-rock. She defined her own unique style with emotional lyrics and energetic sound. Their albums rattle so that from year to year they receive nominations of various music awards. And the newest among them, “amo”, will be presented at the UPark Festival!

Together with Bring Me The Horizon, the UK indie-rockers Nothing But Thieves and the dark horse of SWMRS will share the UPark Festival scene on the first day.

Three years ago, during the UPark Festival 2016, the first performance of alternatives Nothing But Thieves was held . Since then, British indie rockers managed to catch the fancy of the Ukrainian public and even shoot a video in Kiev. In recent years, the guys skated tours with Arcade Fire, Awolnation and Muse, released two records and signed a contract with the American label RCA Records. Tickets for their concerts fly out in a matter of days, and rumors of a new release only fuel interest in the upcoming live at UPark Festival.

As for the SWMRS , for the first time about these guys started talking in Oakland (California) in the mid-2000s. Then they called themselves Emily's Army and even managed to release several studio albums and an EP under this name. Subsequently, the group changed its name to a more resonant SWMRS and first plunged into pop punk with a raid of raw sounds in the spirit of Green Day, and then into surf-rock sound. But even in spite of its punk religion, the SWMRS are well-versed in popular culture. And their love for Disney studios and Miley Cyrus is reflected in the latest hooligan videos and hits.
At this stage, the group has two full-length releases, one of which took place only this winter, but even this is enough to predict an explosive live at the UPark festival.

July 17th
The focus of the second day of the festival is the legendary Thirty Seconds to Mars . The tour of the group in support of the album This Is War is marked in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest in history, and countries where they have not heard their songs can be listed on the fingers, because they sound even in space, where Falcon 9 carried them. Thirty Seconds to Mars produced five hit records and received more than a hundred different musical awards. Their latest release of America (2018) took off to the second mark of the American Billboard 200 album chart. The band is constantly evolving and confidently combining innovative sound with grand stadium choruses.

The second festival day will also mark the performances of the hit-maker Rag'n'Bone Man , the talented AJR's New York-based DIY group and the winners of the prestigious NME award for Pale Career Career Start.

The best young artist according to the Brit Awards, Rag'n'Bone Man . You probably heard his hit Human from the album of the same name. The video on this track gathered over half a million views on YouTube and brought the musician to the big leagues.
Today, Rag'n'Bone Man has top charts, three studio albums, collaborations with Gorillaz and Calvin Harris, and a statuette by Critics' Choice Award. Ahead - the first performance in Ukraine at the UPark Festival!

Their music is akin to Weezer or Beach Boys - a light summer city day soundtrack in which you can hear the echoes of the contrived problems of modern society. Who are we talking about? AJR is a New York indie-pop band consisting of three multi-instrumentalistic brothers: Adam, Jack and Ryan (put together the first letters of each of the names - solve the essence of the group name). This is one of the few, and perhaps the only DIY group that manages to create, record and produce songs in the living room of their own apartment in Chelsea. And, it should be said, they do it at the highest level.

Holders of the same name award in the NME Under the Radar - Pale Waves nomination is another musical discovery that awaits you this summer at the UPark Festival.
These guys met while studying at the University of Manchester and made their band together there.
Having published just two singles, Pale Waves appeared on the NME cover, and a little later in 2018 they won their NME Under the Radar award. Their debut studio album, My Mind Makes Noises, was released in September of this year and has already reached number eight in the British charts.
In the music of Pale Waves can be found references to the work of The Cure, The Cranberries and even Prince. Yes, they do not hide it. Their songs are melodies that can be sung at any time and in any place, but in which there is something that can break your heart.

July 18
The headliners of the final day of the festival will be the stars of South African hip-hop and one of the most challenging teams of the present Die Antwoord . Cape Town immigrants, Tudor Jones (Ninja) and Yolandi Visser (¥ o-landi Vi $$ er) instantly made a splash on the Internet, when they just released their debut viral movie Enter the Ninja. Famed in the late 2000s, Die Antwoord forced the whole world to turn their attention to South Africa, especially the countercultural movement Zef, which served as an inspiration for the band’s creativity. The group has four full-length albums and dozens of provocative clips, some of which are not found even on YouTube. Their past performance has ripped Kiev listeners to pieces and gave a crystal clear understanding of what a real fierce rave is. Contrary to the fears that the first concert will be the only one, the group’s return to Ukraine nevertheless turned out to be inevitable. And this summer, they will again throw a daring challenge to the Ukrainian public.

But before Die Antwoord defeats UPark Festival, singer MØ will test its scene, MISSIO electronics engineers will arrange a music therapy session here, and local support at the festival will be provided by Ivan Dorn.

has already been to Kiev, but never before with live. The Danish singer who conquered the world charts, as well as our native Troeschina, having shot a post-apocalyptic video there, did not discuss only the lazy one. She collaborated with Diplo, Major Lazer, Iggy Azalea and collected with her hit “Lean On” more than two billion YouTube views.

For the first time the songs of the American electronic duo MISSIO sounded in Austin, Texas. It was here that the founders of vocalist Matthew Brue and instrumentalist David Butler met. With their mission, the musicians immediately set the rescue of people through music. Their work is a symphony of analog synthesizers, glitch beats and soulful lyrics. In just two years, the group managed to subscribe to the RCA Records music label and release two full-length albums - “Loner” (2017) and “The Darker the Weather // The Better the Man” (2019).

The artist, who at one time turned Ukrainian music upside down, Ivan Dorn , will perform at the UPark festival on July 18, along with Die Antwoord, Missio and MØ.

Creative freedom on the verge of unbridledness did not prevent Ivan from becoming a big pop star. His record Co'n'Dorn is perhaps the most important album in Ukrainian pop culture, and the latest release of OTD has succeeded even in the global music market. Last year alone, Ivan Dorn recorded such a number of new singles that a new album could be made from them. In 2018, he had collaborations with Diplo, MØ, Vakula, Moldanazar and Victor Solf from the Her group. Currently, the musician in the European tour, and the performance at the UPark Festival will be a rare meeting of Ukrainians with the hero of pop music of a new wave.

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