Oops!.. I have come

24.07 - 24.07 Events: 1
Theater on Mikhailovskaya Kyiv, vulytsya Mykhaylivsʹka, 24zh
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Why should you go to the play "Oops!.. I have come"?

1. See the sparkling comedy-parable.
2. Watch the performance of the play by the talented contemporary playwright Nikolai Khalezin.
3. You will definitely want to come to this performance again.

When only we come to this wonderful world, we issue a joyful exclamation: “Everyone, look, I came!”. Of course, none of us even realize, and do not suppose, what further awaits us along the way.

We are in vain in no hurry to ask ourselves the most important and urgent question: “Why did I come? For what, why, and for what need my existence?”. Therefore, many people live in ignorance of their lives.

Do you want to look at yourself from the side - to rejoice, laugh and feel sad? Then we are waiting for you at the performance of the New Ukrainian Theater “Oops!.. I have come”.

Vitaly Kino, the artistic director of the theater, plays the main role in this production. You will definitely remember this sad comedy and funny parable about our life.

The performance is in Russian.
Duration - 2 hours 50 minutes (there is an interval).


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