In this nice old house

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Why should you go to a play In this nice old house?

1. Find out how much people's views on the world have changed over the century
2. Learn to appreciate what you have
3. To experience together with the heroes happiness and dream

Critics call this production a "fairy tale", "a dream performance". On the stage of the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama. Lesia Ukrainka is a comedy "In this nice old house".

The play is based on the play of the playwright Alexey Arbuzov, famous for his ability to conduct a delicate psychological analysis of human relations. The work created at the beginning of the last century, is relevant in our time. And it is especially interesting for the viewer to see how the modern director transformed and rethought the famous play.

The play "In this nice old house" is really very vital and in many respects sobering. The history of his heroes again reminds us that there are no mathematical formulas for happiness, it can not be calculated and planned. And time - it is ruthless, and you need to learn to appreciate and cherish what you have here and now.

Once having made love to the beloved, the heroine of the play Julia, after a while, understands: she was mistaken. But the stronger her bitterness, when she finds out that her husband, thrown by her, loves and loves again. And even their common children welcome his new life.

The director-director is Mikhail Reznikovich.

Starring: Stanislav Moskvin, Dmitry Savchenko, Nina Nizheradze, Victor Aldoshin, Vyacheslav Lisenbart, Yuri Mazhuga, Tatyana Nazarova, Elena Silantieva, Vitaliy Meterchuk, Anastasia Deryugina, Angelina Simonova, Ilya Ponomarenko, Vladimir Fetisov, Cyril Nikolayev, Ekaterina Doronina, Natalia Zhuk.

The play takes place in two acts, the duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes.