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In the animal world

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Why should you go to the play "In the animal world"?

1. The theater staff is young talents from Kiev and Odessa, open to fascinating experiments.
2. Statement "In the world of animals" - an unusual look at a person.
3. It will be interesting for the viewer to unravel the meaning of each new image, comprehending and evaluating the characters of the play.

We invite you to the cozy "Theater on the Tea". Your attention - an unusual production "In the world of animals."

The plot of the play is based on the play of the American playwright Don Nigro "Animal stories". The work includes several mini-pieces for one or three actors. Each of the stories is touching and funny, but at the same time it makes you think and realize the relevance of the topics being raised. The heroes of the play will be a mouse, a platypus, cows ...

And they will lead the narrative. But, without a doubt, at least in one of the characters you will recognize yourself or your friend. "Theater on the Tea" was founded in 2010. The collective calls itself the theater laboratory. And this means that its participants - both actors and directors - are open to everything new.

The theater is still looking for its methods, its artistic language, and you can make a meaningful contribution to this development. The genre of the play is comic tragedy. Duration - 75 minutes. Director - Yuri Nevgamonny. Come!

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