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1. Modern Theater 18+
2. Unexpected action
3. Live music

O mortal! If you despise the sky,
Looking at this death, believe in the gods!
Euripides "Bacchae"

The new project of theatrical space TEO - dramatic-choreographic-musical-media-visual performance-performance "The Bacchae".

The performance is based on one of the major Greek tragedies of Euripides, written 2424 years ago. Tragedy develops the myth of Dionysus, the god of winemaking and the productive forces of nature. This young god comes to his homeland in Thebes to establish his cult, but it encounters resistance from King Penfey, who considers the new cult immoral.

Faced with metamorphosis and animal instincts that are in each of us, turning the person inside out, Dionysus leads his heroes along an endless way of knowing one’s true self through ecstasy.

The action has been transferred to modern realities, the main events of the performance take place in the modern religious sect and the underground nightclub “DIONYS! SOS!”. Scenography that turns the whole space of the theater into a nightclub with a bar and dance floor for the audience, modern choreography, eclecticism of current music styles (TECHNO, IDM, AMBIENT, LIVE ELECTRO ACOUSTIСS) and shamanic rituals of different nations of the world, performed as well as current issues, posed in the ancient text - all this is intended to include the viewer's imagination to enter the mystery and relate his personal experience with the idea of ​​the work.

Director - Dmitry Kostiuminsky
Composer - Alexey Retinsky
Music Director - Igor Zavgorodniy
Live music - Sergey Golovin, Igor Zavgorodniy, Evgeny Bal
Producer - Julia Yun

Dionysus (God) - Andrey Utenkov, Dmitry Yaroshenko
Pentheus (son of Agave, pastor) - Ivan Makarenko, Yevgeny Bal
Agave (mother of Pentheus, abbess) - Nadezhda Marchenko
Theodore (second mother of Pentheus, assistant abbess) - Alice Young
Choir / Vakhanki (sisters / wives of the community) - Yerofey - Lilia Antonissen; Love - Marina Razorenova; Inga - Galya Migutskaya; Phryna - Tanya Dedu; Greta - Katerina Gombkovskaya; Persephone - Dasha Levi; Jasna - Natalia Baybarza; Mary - Irina Zhelyaeva
Tiresias (Faun, Barman) - Evgeny Bal

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