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У зв’язку із встановленою Кабінетом міністрів України забороною на проведення масових заходів на всій території країни в період з 12 березня по 3 квітня 2020 року, цю подію перенесено на іншу дату, яка наразі узгоджується організатором з артистами і майданчиком проведення. сповістить вас в SMS як тільки нову дату буде встановлено. Квитки будуть дійсними на нову дату без необхідності обміну.

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Організатор: Caribbean Club
Більше про перенесення подій організатора:

Variety "Grand Piano" in Kyiv! Looking forward to seeing you at the CARIBBEAN club.

Why visit the Variety "Grand Piano"?

1. Variety "Grand Piano" – a new exquisite, candid and spectacular show for adults! Only 21+!
2. "Grand Piano" is more than a dinner show, it's a new cultural tradition in Kyiv.
3. Comfortable armchair, mystical half-darkness, classic atmosphere at the beginning of the 20th century – this is how the unforgettable evening with the "Grand Piano" show begins.

Caribbean Club Concert-Hall presents Variety "Grand Piano" show

For the first time in Ukraine, viewers are offered an analog of Parisian legendary cabarets. Chic, style, bright costumes, original scenery and eye-catching design. Musical numbers and interactive communication with guests are woven into the theatrical storyline of the performance. This is a lively and candid game with an exciting storyline that turns into a new and unique work.

There is no vulgarity here! Sophisticated sexuality and easy eroticism are our response to everyday stress and brutal reality.

Oleksii Boholiubov and his unique music for Variety "Grand Piano"

The music producer of the show was the famous Ukrainian musician and composer Oleksii Boholiubov. He is known for his special sense of music and unusual approach. Well-known tunes that get to it get a new sound. Oleksii creates arrangements for popular Ukrainian and foreign artists. As a musician he plays in chamber ensembles, big bands and orchestras. He is a band leader in several projects and has collaborations with jazz artists from around the world: Louis Godwin (USA), Marc Bernstein (USA), Zoe Glilby (Great Britain), Ingrid Arthur (USA) and many others. In his creative work 2 author's plates and his own jazz school.

When I was heard the idea of the show, I was interested to embody it. After almost four months of working on the project, an emotional story has emerged around my best friend – the Piano, created by non-standard arrangements. Some songs may sound very unconventional to the viewers, some as if they always were. All in all, what the viewer hears is my vision of all my favorite songs. – Oleksii Boholiubov says.

Professional choreography on the Caribbean Club stage

The show's choreographers were famous Ukrainian dancers, NC-17 Showballet ballet executives and the founders of the Twist dance school – Anna Palamarchuk and Kateryna Tryshyna, as well as NC-17 Showballet choreographer and soloist – Svitlana Chernysh.

Kateryna Trishina and Anna Palamarchuk are also known for their participation in the TV projects "Dancing for You" and "Dancing with the Stars".

The Variety Piano is an experiment. Dance expression combined with live piano sound and professional vocalists. We prepare for our guests an incredible show, bright costumes and stunning atmosphere. – Kateryna Tryshyna shared.

Photographic materials for the project were prepared by the well-known art-nude photographer – Ruslan Lobanov.

Caribbean Club Concert Hall works around the environment and eras that are most interesting to me in the frame of fashion and music. When I was heard the idea, I was curious to bring it to life, because shooting history is something that is close to my subjects, albeit a small step away. I had a Challenge try to take down my signature dish, but under a different sauce. We did manage to embody the idea, but I did not put a stop to it and I hope that someday this story can become part of a book or a large-scale project outside of Kyiv. – Tells about the shooting for the show Ruslan Lobanov.

Where to buy tickets for the Variety "Grand Piano" show at CARIBBEAN CLUB in Kyiv?

Buy tickets for Variety "Grand Piano" in Kyiv online at Services include courier delivery and the purchase of tickets on letterhead at our ticket offices.

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