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Why should I go to the "Kiev Party"?

1. Party absolutely unusual format, you can not miss this event
2. The heroes of the party, which you need to see and get to know them. Such you will not find anywhere else
3. Kitsch, irony and serpentine.

We will build a scene from the Bogdan bus, as on the pedestal we will mount the DJs: Timan and Teteyev. They will put their plates of soul and funk until the neighbors cover up the party and tear us apart.

Attractions and auctions. Always dreamed of putting up a stall, but you do not allow conscience? We will give you such an opportunity. At the auction "Put the Stall" you can win this opportunity. We will give you tools, material, and in five minutes you will build your first stall as simply as the table from Ikea.

Kiev is an eternal building, and the symbol of this eternal construction is a green fence. The green fence is everywhere and can not hide from it. And if you have a yellow-blue fence? Firstly - it's beautiful! And secondly - the eternal building is transformed into something patriotic and cozy. Help the green fence become a patriot, take part in the attraction and paint your fence in yellow and blue.

When a sad girl is sitting at a bar counter - it's sad, but if she is also a cutlet in Kiev? Treat the cutlet with a Kiev cocktail and do not let her get so sad.

Food and drinks. For a long time did not eat the food that tourists eat in Kiev? We will feed you with Kiev food and pour cocktails dedicated to your beloved city. How is it - to drink a "hem", to enjoy the "golden gate" or to leave with the help of the "metro on the troy". You will meet other Kiev symbols: drivers who park "as it should", that is, as they need.

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