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The "Evening of Classical Music" concert in Kyiv will be held at the MKC named after I. Kozlovskyi.

Why should you go to the "Classical Music Evening" concert in Kyiv?

  1. A beautiful classic, not subject to the times.
  2. Works of outstanding composers performed by recognized masters.
  3. Unforgettable moments that give a feeling of inner harmony.

Concert "Evening of classical music" in Kyiv

Art project of the MKC named after I. Kozlovsky "Remember this name!" presents an exquisite concert program "Classical Music Evening". The performers are laureates of many international competitions, pianist Vladyslav Nazarenko and violinist Yana Spiridonenko. The musicians began their creative collaboration while studying at the National Music Academy of Ukraine. They were united by talent and love for performing chamber music. The ensemble's repertoire includes works from the era of classicism to the 20th-21st centuries. Among them are the works of J. Brahms, M. Ravel, L. Beethoven and other outstanding composers.

Music that heals and revives on the stage named after Kozlovsky

The program of the evening includes music that improves the mood and helps to recover and relax:
  • L. van Beethoven. Sonata for violin and piano No. 3 in E-flat major, op. 12 No. 3;
  • L. van Beethoven. Sonata for violin and piano No. 7 in C minor, Op. 30 No. 2;
  • J. Brahms. Sonata for violin and piano No. 1 in G major, Op. 78.
Come listen to beautiful musical works and relax emotionally. The duration of the program is 80 minutes. There is free seating in the theater hall. Also, please note: the stage and the auditorium form a single space, so after the 3rd bell, entry is not possible. Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the "Evening of Classical Music" concert in Kyiv?

Order tickets online at Concert.ua. It is always convenient and fast.