Vechirniy Kvartal. New Year's concert

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Why go to the festive New Year concert from Studio "Kvartal 95"?

1. New images, fresh jokes, topical parodies - all in one unique concert.
2. Volodymyr Zelensky, Olena Kravets, Yevhen Koshovy in your city.
3. Laugh your heart and have fun with the country's recognized comedians.

On New Year's night dreams are realized. And, according to tradition, it will not do without a decorated fir tree, a glass of champagne and "Vechirniy Kvartal" on television. We propose to see the New Year's program earlier in your city.

Studio "Kvartal 95" goes on a winter tour to Ukraine. New themes, topical jokes and funny funny numbers, specially designed in New Year's holiday fuss. Do not miss the performance of the country's main comics in your city. We are waiting!

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