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Great chemical show

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Why go to the Big Chemical Show?

1. Kids will get an unforgettable experience and a huge portion of positive.
2. The show will immerse viewers in the world of amazing chemistry.
3. Event - a great opportunity to have fun with the whole family.

Big chemical show: a real holiday for kids

It's no secret that modern girls and boys are difficult to surprise with something. But the Big Chemical Show is definitely within the power! Hurry to meet with the positive artists of the Millennium Theater.

An exciting program and a sea of incredible surprises

The science and entertainment show will delight you with a rich program. It will have:

  • mysterious experiments with liquid nitrogen;
  • instant freezing;
  • true levitation;
  • dry ice experiments;
  • artificial fog;
  • volleys of smoke cannons and perfectly safe explosions.
  • The show will be hosted by eccentric scientists “Boring Dan” and “Captain Trouble”.

Do your children still miss textbooks? Bring them to our show, and science will be fun, exciting and easy for the guys!

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