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Why go to the Big Science Show?

1. The most vivid and memorable experiences and experiments!
2. A fun show for children and adults!

3. New knowledge, new ideas and a charge of excellent mood!

Admit it, do you still think that science is boring, boring and not interesting?

Then you definitely need to come to the children's Big Science Show! Amazing experiments will literally blow your brain!

And even though we are not the first to start conducting scientific experiments on the big stage, but in our show, science becomes not only interesting, but also insanely fun! Together with them you will spend an unforgettable hour in the world of science and good mood!

Gurgle and smoke, explode and wag, ignite and freeze!

All the most interesting in the "Big Science Show" for the whole family!

And someone may also be lucky to help carry out some kind of experience!

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