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Big Christmas Tree

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Why is it worth going to the "Big Christmas Tree" performance?

1. This is the same enchanting Christmas tree that your child will remember for life
2. Each viewer gets into a New Year's fairy tale
3. You will become direct participants in these adventures.

New Year’s performance “The Big New Year Tree” Each viewer finds himself in a New Year’s fairy tale, where the main characters are Dasha, a traveler and her friend Slipper. They will face the evil Black Sea, who wants to cancel the New Year. The heroes, together with the guys, will go in search of the staff of Santa Claus and along the way they will meet everyone's favorite characters: Cinderella, Shrek and Fiona, Jasmine and Alladin, Simba and many others with whom they will collect the staff.

All children are waiting for the growth heroes of cartoons, as well as princesses, puzzles, dances, bright numbers, a lot of humor, a circus number from a real dinosaur and of course ALL CHILDREN A GIFT from the kindest wizard - Grandfather Frost.

At the presentation there will be a photographer, as well as the "residence of Santa Claus", in which every child can be photographed for free

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