Faithful wife

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Why is it worth going to the performance "Faithful Wife"?

1. Get a sea of ​​vivid emotions from an ironic comedy.
2. To plunge into the atmosphere of London at the beginning of the 20th century.
3. For the second time admire the female savvy.

The Kiev Drama and Comedy Theater presents the play "The Faithful Wife".

The play takes place in London. In the center of attention - stiff British, a married couple with a solid "experience": their family life has lasted more than 15 years. Wife - Constance - a charming woman, a caring mother and a wonderful mistress. No less positive and her husband is a doctor John. But he, it turns out, in parallel with the family manages to build and relations "on the side": John has a mistress. And this is Constance's best friend!

Know about the vicious communication and say everything in London: from relatives to friends Constance. Everyone is calling on a woman to abandon her unfaithful husband. She, in turn, leads a hidden struggle, allegedly without noticing anything ... Director-director - Igor Grinberg. Waiting for you!

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