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Cheerful widow

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F. Lehar, The Merry Widow.

The outstanding classic of the Viennese operetta F. Legar wrote many wonderful operettas during his life. But it was the Merry Widow that brought him worldwide fame.

This operetta is more than 100 years old, but it does not lose its relevance and attractiveness. The premiere of the play took place in Vienna in 1905 and immediately won the love of the artists who were lucky enough to play in it, and wild popularity among the audience. “A merry widow” is deservedly called the “queen of operettas”: for five years from the day of the premiere, the performance was shown over 18 thousand times in 430 theaters of the world. Operetta was repeatedly filmed in different countries.

The Merry Widow is a witty story about love and big money. Young charming widow Anna Glavari, the owner of a multi-million dollar fortune, comes to Paris. She does not even suspect that the hunt is open for her, or rather, her millions, which her husband, a banker, has left to her ...

The performance is in Russian.

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