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Wedding Planner

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There is a wonderful gypsy law: "Marry, but only for love." This is exactly what we are talking about in the bright and memorable play "Wedding Planner".

Not one, not two, but four brave and courageous suitors fight for the right to marry the daughter of an influential and wealthy leader of a gypsy camp. Guys and can not assume that the leader - two daughters, and only one of them - a beautiful clever and kind soul. Tabor reliably and vigilantly hides the bride under the golden tent.

But is there anything that can prevent the meeting of two loving and flaming hearts?

The director of the exciting musical folklore comedy is Mikhail Gerasimchuk. He also plays the role of leader Shmyrka. Other actors involved in the "Wedding Planner": Igor Krikunov, Rostislav Stetsenko, Lyudmila Krikunova, Zhanna Krikunova, Vadim Diaz.

The duration of the performance with a gypsy color is 1 hour and 40 minutes. That is characteristic, all musical numbers in the theater "Romance" are performed only live.

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