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Wedding waltz

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Wedding waltz in Odessa! We are waiting for you at the site of the Odessa State Circus, Odessa.
You can buy tickets for the Wedding Waltz at Concert.ua online

An amazing variety, combination and celebration of the strength and beauty of the best circus acts will take place at the arena of the Odessa State Circus, starting from July 25.

The festive circus program "Wedding Waltz" presents the best circus performances from Ukraine and far abroad, in which the viewer can be thrown into the world of incredible equestrian, acrobatic, aerial, juggling performances and, of course, a cheerful clown!

Each number of "Wedding Waltz" is an independent and unique attraction, and each artist is a professional of the highest class.

Children under 5 years old - admission is free if accompanied by adults and without a separate seat.

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