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Why should go to the play "Eternally Alive"?

1. To see a strong and deep drama.
2. The statement contains life itself, not the slogans of war.
3. Enjoy the charisma of artists.

The author of the play on which the play was staged is Victor Rozov. Based on the work, the script for the movie “The Cranes Are Flying” was written. Rozov himself invented the plot in 1943, when he had a leave of absence due to his injury. Now you can see her on the stage of the Theater on Podol.

Statement about the most wonderful feeling of the world - about love. True, it happened at the wrong time. Wartime, with all its fears, difficulties, and experiences, is not particularly suitable for such an exalted feeling. The choice between the gentle desires of the heart and valor, between the motherland and the beloved is something that will never be easy.

But all concepts, be it honor, duty, or courage, are painted in one color at the moment war begins. Then all masks, roles, pretenses disappear. And each person becomes who he really is. After all, if you think about it: fraudsters, cowards, scoundrels, revelers in peacetime successfully build themselves up as honest and respectable people.

The performance only at first glance is a story about a girl whose favorite goes to the front. However, if you think more seriously, then the audience will see the story of a universal scale.

This production will be an interesting experience. You should definitely see this drama!

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