A feeling behind the wall

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Why go to the "A feeling behind the wall" show?

1. This statement is a bit about each of us.
2. Enjoy the brilliant play of actors.
3. Think about important things.

We all live in one house, one entrance. Sometimes it seems that we live in one apartment. Everyone follows one another, everyone lives not in their own lives, everyone is trying to help, but is it really a help?

Ira, Kolya, Vanya, Sergey, Grandfather, Semyonovna - here are the heroes of this life, those who may now watch you, but do not look around, do not scare them, because it's very interesting - you watch too .... A laughing or crying of everything that is happening - it's up to you to decide, yet not every day a wife betrays her husband with the teacher of the biology of her son, and the son is silent, and only sticks with a stick.

It's a bit nervous, acute, but vital, as it is today, the story of the alienation of loved ones.

Posted by Anna Jablonskaya
Director: Stas Zhirkov
Actors: Vitaly Ajnov, Vitalina Bibliv, Sergey Korshikov, Vladislav Pisarenko, Andriy Polishchuk, Irina Tkachenko

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