Viy. Dokudrama

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Why should you goto the play Viy. Dokudrama?

1. Re-thinking and modernization of Gogol's novel
2. Finding answers to the main human questions
3. Unpredictable plot turns

Chernihiv Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after Taras Shevchenko presents a performance for 2 acts "Viy. Dokudrama" N. Vorozhbit based on the story of M. Gogol.

The performance and the musical design - the famous artist of Ukraine Andriy Bakirov.

Artist - Olga Goryacheva.

The Dokudrama "Viy" is a creative embodiment by director-director Andriy Bakirov of the play of modern Ukrainian playwright Natalia Vorozhbit.

The two Frenchmen come to Ukraine to visit their "online acquaintance" Oksana and unexpectedly find themselves in the midst of incredible events, which are partly beyond the bounds of objective thinking, but relate to issues of spiritual depths, where the answers to sacred questions are hidden. Why do we live?.. What legacy will we leave?.. Can we repent, forgive and ask forgiveness... and not only for the soul?..

All unpredictable author's moves, unexpected director's decisions, interesting acting finds are aimed at creating a complex stage action that prompts reflection.

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