Christmas Thief

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The New Residence "Christmas Hijacker" - the Center of Culture and Arts of the NAU invites all children and adults to dip into the fantastic Christmas atmosphere.

The show "Christmas Hijacker" is an extremely interesting and exciting fairy tale for the whole family. Unique choreographic and acrobatic rooms, spectacular scenery, incredible costumes, the most up-to-date show of the best in their business - famous director-choreographer Oleksandr Leshchenko and Forsythe Dance Theater!

The malicious villain has decided to spoil all the holiday, he is ready for everything, so that the Christmas celebration did not happen. The idea of stealing the most important holiday of the year seems to him grandiose! Will I be able to implement the conceived? You can not only learn about it, but also try to prevent a thief during the play! After all, he still does not know that the strongest weapon against any evil is human love, strong friendship and faith in the miracle. Rescuing the New Year's holiday will give your children a sense of personal significance and involvement in an important business!

The idea is Lina Veres
Director-choreographer Oleksandr Leshchenko
Troupe - Artists of the Dance Theater "Foresight"

We invite you to dive into the world of unforgettable emotions that will surely be remembered and become the best Christmas present for you and your children!

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