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A free couple

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The play "Free Couple" in Dnipro will take place in the Dnipro National Theater T.G. Shevchenko.

Why should you go to the theater to the play "The Free Couple" in Dnipro?

  1. A new bright performance of the theater.
  2. An interesting, thought-provoking plot.
  3. Powerful impressions that you will want to share with family and friends.

The play "The Free Couple" in Dnipro

"The Free Couple" is a performance in the genre of lyrical farce based on the play of the playwright Dario Fo. The director and author of the staging is Natalie Tafi, Honored Artist of Ukraine. The choreographer is Oleksiy Kovalenko, Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine.

Sincerity of feelings and trust in the relationship between a man and a woman in the production of the Theater named after T.G. Shevchenko

The premiere of the play "Free Couple" took place on December 19, 2023. Italian playwright with a world name, Nobel laureate Dario Fo reveals in his works the issues of difficult relations between women and men, gender inequality, betrayal and love. These are life confrontations in which there is no winner. One of the heroes of the story "The Free Couple" offers his wife Antonia a free marriage, which is allowed by Italian law. However, the woman is not ready for this. So, do real feelings weigh in the conventional world of betrayal - this is about it in the new work of the theater. The performance is on the Small Stage. Duration – 1 hour and 15 minutes. Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the play "Free Couple" in Dnipro?

A simple and reliable way to order tickets is to use the Concert.ua online service.