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Free Butterflies

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Why should you go to the play “Free Butterflies”?

1. The statement tells a love story, both funny and sad.
2. The performance will remind everyone: a relationship is not only freedom, but also responsibility.
3. Sincere play of talented actors will not leave anyone indifferent.

We invite everyone to the play "Free Butterflies". Young people recognize themselves in the heroes. An older viewer will once again plunge into youth.

"Free Butterflies" is a love story of two young people. He is Donald Baker, pleasant and sociable, dreams of a future musician. Donald has a great sense of humor, but is deprived of sight. She is Donald's neighbor in the apartment, Jill Tanner. It is distinguished by complete emancipation. Jill, above all, appreciates freedom of action and draws into his world Donald, surrounded by blind love of his mother.

But in the pursuit of freedom lovers moths forget that love is a feeling that requires responsibility from a person. And as long as people continue to live, focusing on the feelings and impulses of the soul, the story entitled “Free Butterflies” will not cease to be relevant.

Waiting for you!

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