He and She 12+

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Why should you go to the play "He and She"?

1. Subtle humor, irony and paradox of situations.
2. Kaleidoscope of bright characters.
3. This is a story - a joke and a parable at the same time.

A woman and a man, the secret of love and the genius of Chekhov, - all this awaits you in the play "He and She."

Anton Chekhov is an excellent writer who knew how to give all his characters special charm. Subtle psychological motives of behavior are revealed in his works, human thoughts and feelings are exposed. The stories, stories and plays of Chekhov read as if in one breath and leave behind a lot of spiritual experiences. Pleasant aftertaste - questions to himself about the moral norms of society, the reasons for their own actions and the global meaning of life.

In the production of "He and She," fate will present the main characters difficult trials. They will experience both joy and sadness. All this incredible palette of emotions will turn into a kaleidoscope of paradoxes, irony and puns.

The duration of the performance is 80 minutes.
Directed by Vladimir Kudlinsky.

Come to this musical romantic story of the turbulent relationship between a woman and a man. Let's reveal the secret of love together!