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Believe, hope, love!

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Comedy, melodrama and detective story - in one bottle

Everyone has a chance to change their life for the better, but not everyone will be able to take advantage of it. Sometimes it seems that you are already firmly holding the bird of happiness by its luxurious multicolored tail, but suddenly, at the very last moment, it breaks free and soars up, leaving in your hands one single miserable feather. Doesn't this happen sometimes to all of us?

The heroine of the play has everything she wanted from life and to which she went so tirelessly: fame, money, success. But the time has come to realize that this is not enough to be truly happy. After all, even the most enormous money and fame cannot replace love or compensate for its absence. Will the heroine be able to take advantage of the unique chance that fate suddenly gave her generously in order to finally get what she now lacks so much?

Based on the play by Marina Kutsenko and Inna Goncharova "Dressing Room"
Director Marina Kutsenko with the assistance of Pyotr Mironov
Scenography Marina Kutsenko
Cast: Inna Goncharova, Pyotr Mironov, Alexandra Kravchenko, Victor Kozhevnikov, Natalia Plohotnyuk

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