Faith, Hope, Love... (Hole) 16+

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Why should you go to the play “Faith, Hope, Love... (Hole)”?

1. The performance will help to “land” and reflect on how complex human fates are.
2. "Adult" themes, raised in the production, can not leave indifferent any spectator in the hall.
3. The heartfelt play of actors and a deep storyline will fill your evening with important thoughts.

The theater in Podol represents the play “Faith, Hope, Love... (Hole)” by the author Alexander Kuprin. This is a story that will affect everyone’s heart and soul.

The heroines of the story are three women, representatives of the oldest profession. But occupation is all that unites them. For the rest - character, life position - they are completely different.

Women live in a house that, supposedly, is filled with love (professional) and is absolutely free from social problems and political strife. And a person here cannot pretend, play... Or can?

The performance premiered on March 3, 2018.
Directed by Valentin Kozmenko-Delinde.
Duration - 160 minutes, with intermission.

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