Performance promenade at the library "Dialogues"

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Why is it worth going to the Promenade at the Dialogs Library?

1. Performing in the library is a rarity to see with your own eyes.
2. Experience an immersive experience.
3. Spend time alone with your own thoughts and observations.

Performance promenade at the library "Dialogues" in Kyiv

In order not to change the format, we should call the Dialogues a play.

But this will not say anything and will not even be quite fair.

At a minimum, the performances happen in theaters, and we'll call you to the library. Even at night.

Dialogues are an immersive experience. It is difficult to even describe what will happen next.

Nothing like this has happened to you yet, so just try to imagine: 20 strangers, everyone's personal headphones, a night library and reflections on themselves, others, everything.

It's a rare chance to listen to what's inside, without noise, a cell phone and, even in places, even without light.

Have you imagined? Then come feel. And be prepared: Dialogues happen in the library one evening, but stay with you for a long time.

where to buy tickets for the Performance promenade at the library "Dialogues"?

You can buy tickets at online. Or order delivery by courier or pick up on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (these events become unavailable on the eve of the event).

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