In the name of true love

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Why go to the show In the name of true love?

1. See entertainment choreographic numbers
2. To recall simple truths
3. Enjoy interesting musical accompaniment

Kyiv Theater "Bravo" invites all art lovers to perform "In the name of true love"! Come to see a beautiful story about sorrow, not related to counteraction.

This spectacle is about the warrior from Ancient Rome, Guy Cassius and his dream woman. Moving story about love and farewell.

The statement "In the name of true love" can simultaneously be called tragedy, melodrama, and drama. First, in the play the image of Jesus Christ is embodied in the hero of the Jewish king Yeshua, a meeting which varies many characters in different ways. But this is not a retelling of the Bible, but a creative interpretation, where music, movement and drama are woven together.

Come on - it will be interesting!

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