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Why should I go for the metacram "Voicek"?

1. To join the recognized classics.
2. See the unexpected decision of the famous play.
3. Tastefully complete the theatrical season.

"Voicek" is an unfinished work of the German writer Georg Buchner. Despite the fact that it was not written because of the author's early death (at age 23), the play was collected from fragments and published almost half a century later.

"Wojciek" has experienced many reissues, was staged dozens of times on the stage and three times filmed. It is believed that this is the first "philistine tragedy" in European literature. The action of the story takes place "at the bottom", and the main character is a typical "little man".

The work is based on the real story of Johann Christian Wojciech, who was executed in 1824 in Leipzig. The reason - the murder on the basis of jealousy of her concubine. But by processing documentary material, the writer tried to understand the real causes of such an act. George Buchner comes to the conclusion that treason is only a superficial motive.

In fact, the main character is simply outlived by a hostile environment. So the crime is the result of the disintegration of the person who was constantly subjected to violence. The Academic Music and Drama Theater offers its interpretation of the famous play. Metadrama "Wojciek" is a fresh plastic-musical reading of a well-known plot. We are waiting for you on July 15 to complete the theatrical season together!

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