Wolf in sheep’s clothing

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Why is it worth going to the play "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"?

1. To make sure that we are all not perfect.
2. Understand that you do not need to meet by the clothes.
3. Relax and look at daily problems from far away - on stage.

Rather, buy a ticket and receive a portion of cultural education.

A small Ukrainian village. Here live kind and slightly trusting people. And the village council is dominated by a good-natured chairman. Man is also good, although not perfect. The main thing, everyone helps, than can.

And so would the days of the villagers dragged on, if a certain subject did not appear on the horizon. Immediately clear, a business man, smart, polite (in a suit, after all!) And offers a good deal: to solve the problem of gasification. And nobody is embarrassed that in exchange, virtue asks for just a little bit of land.

Perhaps you already guessed that the chairman signs all the documents, and, in addition, happily gives a passer-by for a daughter - love after all! Than all to end? See the play "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" and find out!

A dynamic plot, brightly written characters, live dialogues, an interesting beginning and an unpredictable finale - so you will see the play "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" staged by Yuri Potapenko.

The roles in the performance were performed by: S. Palamadila (Oleg Nikolaevich), V. Antonyuk (Sergey Ivanovich), L. Kandrayeva, N. Ilchenko (Mila), I. Malygina, I. Mordusenko (Dusya), K. Miroshnichenko, M. Makhotina Olya), A. Nezhurko, A. Popkov (Vitya) and others.

Do not miss one of the best comedies of the Bravo Theater!

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