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VOLCANOV concerts in Ukrainian cities will take place from October 25 to October 30, 2023.

Why should you go to a VOLCANOV concert?

  1. A bright representative of the modern music scene.
  2. A large concert program of the main hits and new songs of the artist.
  3. An unforgettable evening in a good mood and warm friendly atmosphere.

VOLCANOV with concerts in Ukrainian cities

Dima Volkanov is a young talented Ukrainian singer and composer. The artist's hometown is temporarily occupied Berdyansk. The guy broke into big show business after participating in the 9th season of the X-Factor TV show. Today, the singer's repertoire is actively replenished with new songs, the music and lyrics of which are written by the performer himself. Among Dima Volkanov's most famous tracks is the hit "I'm Drawing", which has gained over 1 million views on YouTube and entered the top charts.

Dima Volkanova's powerful bright energy: don't miss the concert in your city

Every meeting with a wonderful artist is a source of positivity and life drive for the audience. So this time, get ready for a pleasant musical evening that will be remembered for a long time. The hits "Write to me", "Like my love", "Bride", "I will draw" and other songs that were written already during the full-scale war will be performed. And also - be sure to take the opportunity to take a photo with the young artist! Before meeting!

Where to buy tickets for the VOLCANOV concert?

Order tickets for yourself and your friends online on the Concert.ua website.

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from 390 ₴