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Magic nucleus

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Why should you go to the play "Magic nucleus"?

1. You will plunge into the world of kindness and miracles.
2. Find yourself new friends in the sunny East.
3. Learn how to plant and grow magic trees.

In this oriental fairytale legend you will meet the kind, fair and very cute Satik girl, her wise and hardworking grandfather Khachatur, the village rich uncle Arag, his son - the cheerful and courageous Rubik, and, of course, the village gossip Aunt Ausan.

You will visit far away in the mountains, in a small village where old Khachatur and young Satik dream to grow a blooming garden on a stone slope. Witness unbelievable wonders and amazing events. And who knows, maybe after our performance you would like a miracle tree to grow under your window!

The performance of the theater “Ladybird” is full of humor, songs and dances, it will be interesting both for children from 4 to 10 years old, and for adults of any age.