The Magic Lamp of Aladdin

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Why is it worth going to the play "The Magic Lamp of Aladdin"?

1. With the help of a fairy tale, without leaving home, you can get acquainted with the culture, color and wisdom of another people.
2. Drawing with sand, music and voice of the actor will create a fairy and magical atmosphere.
3. Adoption of the child to living art develops fantasy, aesthetic taste, emotional intelligence.

In the Cinema House will open the door to the magical Sesame! We invite your whole family to an amazing performance - "The Magic Lamp of Aladdin".

Covered with eastern charms Baghdad and the most famous fairy-tale character, a poor man who at one point became a rich man - Aladdin - will lead the audience into a fairy-tale world where nothing is impossible. A special atmosphere of the event will make you believe in the miracles of even adults. And children with delight will observe the adventures of the heroes of the play, empathizing and rejoicing for them.

Plots of wise and fascinating Arabian fairy tales will truly come to life thanks to the magnificent design of sand paintings, bewitching light fantasies and beautiful music. You can not even imagine how interesting and beautiful is the magical world of the eastern fairy tale ... Actor Sergei Ulashev plays in the production. Waiting for you!

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