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Vremja i Steklo

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Why should go to the concert of the band Vremja i Steklo?

1. Feel the amazing atmosphere of live performances of the group.
2. To dance till you drop, because under their songs the legs just do not stand still!
3. This event is for those who are in style.

Each concert of the band Vremja i Steklo is a joy for their large army of fans. Come to the performance of a musical project that confidently occupies the niche of the most stylish Ukrainian team.

The project is the brainchild of the MOZGI production center. And this year he is already 8 years old. The group was simply doomed to success: 10 days after the release of their first video, it became the fifth most watched channel on YouTube (in the “World Musicians” category).

Since then, the team constantly produces superhits. Each new song of the project is not similar to the previous ones. And in this trick Vremja i Steklo. Nadia and Positive tirelessly experimenting with sound and images, revealing in various genres. Maybe this is the secret of their mad popularity? For example, a video for the song "Name 505" scored more than 200 million views! The rest of the tracks are also not far behind: “On style”, “Probably a lot”, “Troll” - about 130 million. But what to say, if any of their videos is gaining at least 20 million!

By the way, for the past 5 years, the guys have performed with Flow Masters ballet dancers. So at their concerts you will find a real show. Nadia and Positive are in love with music, their performances are a charge of energy, drive and buzz from a favorite thing!

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