All mice love cheese

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Why should you go to the play "All mice love cheese"?

1. This fascinating story will appeal to both children and adult viewers.
2. The authors will surprise with an unusual plot.
3. Bright staging guarantees everyone a pleasant leisure and good mood.

Hurry up to a wonderful performance for children "All mice love cheese!" Bright impressions are guaranteed to everyone!

Viewers will get acquainted with two mouse families: gray and white mice. Between the older members of the gray and white kind is a real feud. Neither give nor take - Shakespearean passions! But for the young Khrum and Fruz it all does not care. They love each other. And in order to reconcile their parents, they resort to the help of the Wizard-cat.

Young viewers will be watching with great interest the development of the plot in anticipation of the triumph of love and friendship. And fun dances and funny songs will add a good mood.

Director - Tatiana Shumeyko.
Waiting for everybody!

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