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Meeting with Amadeus

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Why go to a meeting with Amadeus in Kiev?

1. To be inspired by the greatness of creativity of the brilliant composer.
2. To hear Mozart's most popular works performed live.
3. Touch the sublime and spend the most enjoyable evening of the season.

Concert "Meeting with Amadeus" in Kiev

February 16, we invite you to the Kozlovsky Art Center for a chic concert from the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "Meeting with Amadeus". Feeling the presence of a genius and moving to another era will be possible thanks to a wonderful event. Hurry up to book your tickets to the best places!

"Meeting with Amadeus" at the Art and Cultural Center. Kozlovsky: the greatest pleasure for connoisseurs

Meeting with Amadeus is a unique opportunity to see again: the music of the legendary Mozart is the embodiment of the harmony of the Universe. The works of genius breathe eternity, captivating the beauty and depth of the melodies.

The program includes the most famous works of vocal and instrumental genre, created by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. On stage - winners of international competitions:

  • Olga Burda (coloratura soprano);
  • Eugene Gunko (bass baritone);
  • Danilo Klyagin (tenor);
  • Anna Guseva (piano).

The laureate of the literary awards Yulia Berezhko-Kaminsk reads her poems

The concert will be a fabulous portal for you to travel to colorful Vienna and blossoming Seville ... You will walk through the cozy streets and feel the exquisite aroma of Viennese coffee.

Hurry up for new experiences!

Where to buy the best tickets for the "Meeting with Amadeus" concert in Kiev?

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