Everywhere alone (Candle in the wind)

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Why should you go to the play Everywhere alone (Candle in the wind)?

1. Covering the life of Taras Shevchenko in new tones
2. Interesting facts about the biography of the poet is not from the school textbook
3. The story of true freedom of spirit and willpower

There are individuals whose lives are no less vivid than their creativity. So was Taras Shevchenko, Tyrannoborets, the Prophet, the Speaker of Freedom. It is about him the performance of the National Theater of Russian Drama "Everywhere alone (Candle in the wind)."

The Ukrainian land is famous for its generosity and inexhaustible fertility. Bringing crops not only generally accepted, but also giving to the world of real geniuses, such as Taras Shevchenko, the unquenchable Candle.

But few of those people who earned their creativity immortality in the memory of the people, reached it at the same dear price. Fate did not particularly regret Taras Shevchenko and sent him severe trials and suffering. The poet lived only 47 years. And how he lived! 25 of them - as serf, in fact in slavery. Another 10 - in exile and soldatchin. And the few remaining years Taras Shevchenko fought with illnesses, deprivations, cherishing the unfulfilled dream: to create a family hearth and elementary, simple comfort in his home - a small but native hutka in his beloved land.

Taras Shevchenko has a lot of textbook and, so to speak, jaded declarations and representations. The theatrical interpretation from the Academic Theater of rudrama will break the habitual stereotypes. In the performance, various motifs from the life of the Artist and the Poet are harmoniously and brightly interwoven: love, creativity, repentance, disappointment, bewilderment, hatred, oblivion and fame, and a burning desire to comprehend everything.

Director - Dmitry Morozov, production - Mikhail Reznikovich. Cast: Victor Aldoshin, Dmitry Savchenko, Yuri Dyak, Oleg Zamyatin, Taisiya Boyko, Mikhail August and others.

The duration of this original performance is 1 hour 20 minutes (no intermission).