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In the Ukraine cinema, within the framework of the Weekend Anime, full-length animation shows "Decorate the farewell morning with flowers of hope" and "Girls and Tanks".

"Decorate the farewell morning with flowers of hope" - this is a touching story of meetings and separation in a wonderfully beautiful fantasy world created by the power of imagination of the author of the cult anime "The Unbelievable Flower" and "Dreamless Tomorrow" Marie Okadi and animators of the legendary studio PA Works.

"Girls and Tanks" - this famous manga, which combines tanks, action and comedy moments from the lives of ordinary Japanese schoolchildren in a very unusual school. "Girls and Tanks" first appeared in 2012. Initially, a manga and a television series that quickly won the audience's attention around the world came out. Now the franchise includes not only television, but also full-length anime, manga, toys, computer and video games. The creators of "Girls and Tanks" are very closely watching the military equipment shown on the screen. Fighting war machines of the Second World War look and move exactly as their real prototypes.

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