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Welcome to Ukraine, or Journey to love

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Welcome to Ukraine, or Journey to love.

What is common between Kiev and Paris? Love that has no limits! And yet - the Internet, bringing together modern young people from different countries. It is in Kiev that the virtual acquaintance of a young Parisian woman and a Ukrainian youth becomes real. He opens his soul for her, and at the same time - the soul of Ukraine, its culture, customs and traditions. The boy in love might have wanted to live in Paris if it had not been for such a land — Ukraine. And she? The female heart is a real mystery ...

The musical is especially interesting and relevant for the younger generation. After all, the whirlpool of feelings, passions, emotions, trials of fate, the power of love and faith in a bright happy future - this is so characteristic of young people. Events and situations played in the play are taken from real life.

“Welcome to Ukraine, or Journey to Love” is a unique national business card project that represents modern Ukraine through the soul of its people. The musical boldly combines Ukrainian folk, symphonic, jazz and pop music. Modern choreography - modern and contemporary - is adjacent to the stylistics of folk dance, in the costumes of the characters the elements of the den are originally combined with the trends of youth fashion that are popular today. Bright ritual extravaganzas - Kupala holiday, harvest, Kolyada, Christmas and Easter motifs evoke a feeling of patriotism and involvement in everything that happens on the stage ...

“Do you often see on the streets of the city or on holidays people crying with pride that they were born and live in Ukraine?” I think that is unlikely. And I saw - and not just anywhere, but in the theater, at the play “Welcome to Ukraine or Journey to Love” - this is how the journalist of “Ukrainian Truth” wrote after watching the musical.

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