Westwood: Punk, an icon, activist

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Vivienne Westwood is one of the founding members of the punk movement in London.

Former wife of Malcolm McLaren, manager of Sex Pistols. But Vivienne does not want to mention this and frankly bothered with questions about those times. Now Vivienne Westwood is an activist. Even in filming this film, she agreed with the condition that most of her will be devoted to her participation in environmental movements. The director agreed, but did it in his own way.

This tape tells you about the start of the Vivien brand from the start.

She wanted to work on volunteering, just in order to be closer to a charismatic designer. Now her company has its own board of directors, but Vivien is still committed to his principles.

She continues to stress that the money she is interested in the last turn and threatens to remove the entire collection from the release if something goes wrong with her script.

The premiere of the tape was held at Sundance, where it was nominated for the Grand Prix.

Not only spectators, but even cinema workers were delighted.

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