Winterra. Legend of the fairy land

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Why go to the show "Winterra. Legend of the fairy land"?

1. Ukrainian world-class show
2. Gives bright live emotions
3. Here everyone can remember the carelessness of childhood and genuinely wonder, feel and believe in a miracle

"Winterra. Legend of the fairy land" - a new winter show from the creators of "Vartovi Mriy" and "Dim Tamnichy Prigod".

This is a story about the exciting adventures of a boy who is trying to save his younger brother from the icy kingdom of Winterra on the eve of the New Year. This magical land has always existed thanks to children's dreams and their belief in miracles. But over time, everything changed, the children stopped believing in magic and wonder, and everything became cold and icy. Only those who have kept faith in a miracle in the depths of their souls can get into the fairy-tale world.

Grand Winter Premiere "Winterra. Legend of the fairy land" tells about the most important thing: about family, love, care and magic, which will bring together both adults and children. Here, reality and fantasy will dissolve, and you will again feel like a small child, who believes in the New Year miracle, fantasizes and is surprised.

Winter novelty has absorbed the best experience of the organizers and creators of the show. "Winterra. Legend of the fairy land" retained the kindness and magic of the show "Vartovi Mriy", increased the entertainment and special effects of the multi-genre show "Dim Tamnichy Prigod", harmoniously absorbed the experience of staging the Cirque du Soleil show, where Konstantin Tomilchenko worked as a choreographer. Also, the winter show was complemented by technological visual effects that impressed the judges of the America’s Got Talent TV show while watching the numbers created by Alexander Bratkovsky and Konstantin Tomilchenko.

Directed by: Konstantin Tomilchenko and Alexander Bratkovsky.
Author's music: Yuri-Yurkesh Yurchenko.

Children under 5 years free of charge without a separate place.

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