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Winterra. Legend of the fairy tale edge

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«Winterra. The legend of the fairyland» in the new 5D-format: from December 12 to January 12 on the stage of Kyiv Concert Hall at VDNG!

Why go for «Winterra. The legend of the fairyland»?

This year's show is presented in 5D format:
• GooD history
Dances and acrobatic stunts
Dynamic music and live songs
• Precious childhooD memories
• You will be impresseD

«Winterra» is back to give a New Year's mood

What does it consist of? From charming gifts, warm company of loved ones and, of course, from a good fairy tale! All this is in the fantastic winter show «Winterra. The legend of the fairyland» in 5D format. According to legend, somewhere far away there is the magical world of Winterra. Desires are fulfilled there and dreams are realized. Birds and beasts live in harmony, and frost reigns everywhere. Only the one who opens his heart of magic can get to the magic land. But thanks to the spectacular scenery and stunning craftsmanship of StarLight Entertainment, everyone can do it! Their work was remembered by viewers for the following shows: "Vartovi Mrii" and "Dim Taiemnychykh Pryhod". And in their field, they are the # 1 company.

Winterra: a fairy tale becomes a reality

You have a good story waiting for you, written in the language of incredible special effects that will plunge you into events on stage. And the drive dance numbers and stunning acrobatics from the best gymnasts of Ukraine round out in a whirl of story twists.

The acoustic magic will be created by: Eduard Kikhtenko (the main actor of the Koleso Theater), Oleksandr Balabanov (the winner of the "Slavianskyi bazar"), s well as the voice of the charismatic singer and TV presenter Vasyl Zverev (as the narrator).

Directed by: Kostiantyn Tomilchenko and Oleksandr Bratkovskyi
Music: Yurko Yurchenko

Winterra is waiting for you! Buy tickets at concert.ua and get ready to meet the miracle!

Children under 5 years accompanied by an adult can watch the show for free (without room availability).

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