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Within the framework of the international tour "5 years", the most popular Ukrainian rap singer YARMAK is preparing not just a concert devoted to the 5th anniversary of his work, but a real show with the presentation of the new album "RESTART"!

The first popularity to the artist came thanks to his tracks on the social themes and millions of views of his clips on YouTube. For example, his clip for the song "The Heart of a Boy" in 2013 became the most viewed Russian-language video on YouTube, and according to the version of the portal "New Rap" won the nomination "Video of the Year". YARMAK is also known for many thanks to its civic position and patriotic song "22", which became the anthem of the Revolution of Virtue.

In any city, YARMAK gathers crowds of its fans, scoring the halls almost to the limit, his concerts were always distinguished by special energy and atmosphere. YARMAK - this is necessarily a storm of emotions and an incredible drive, when the whole hall "shakes" in unison.

This time, YARMAK prepared a lot of interesting, and besides the presentation of the new album, the rap artist will also perform his main hits.

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