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Alexey Vertinsky in a falling plane Garik Korogodsky
Interactive solo performance

Imagine yourself a passenger plane.
You come back home. One. Or one.
Regular flight regular airlines.
The plane took off. Gained height.
And then the pilot said that it was necessary to return to the airport due to a technical malfunction of the liner.
The plane went down and circled over the airport until the fuel tanks were empty.
What are you thinking about at this moment?
What do you write in a notebook that no one sees?
Who remember?
And can these memories change fate?

December 12 and 13 in the Kiev Palace of Sports will premiere an interactive one-man show based on Garik Korogodsky's “Effect Ba”.
On stage, Alexey Vertinsky.

The project is a premiere in many ways:
Kommersant, a writer, founder of the Charitable Foundation “Zhumelob” and just freak Garik Korogodsky will play for the first time as a playwright. Solo performance “Effect of Ba” is a philosophical story based on real events from the life of Garik.
For the first time, the Sports Palace will become a theater venue for just 400 spectators.

Effect Ba - action with immersion in a different reality and a unique multimedia production, created by the best choreographers, artists, musicians and Front Pictures team - one of the largest Ukrainian studios of innovative AV technologies, known throughout the world for its non-standard solutions immersive formats.

Director - director of the play Tikhon Tikhomirov (play "How to spend a million, which is not")

Duration of performance 90 minutes

Garik about staging:
“This project is very dear to me. I hatched the idea of Tikhomirov to do Vertinsky's one-man show for four years, Lesha is a great actor. Three versions of the play did not suit me, I had to try myself in a new genre - drama. And yes, I'm worried again. ”

* All funds raised from the performance will be sent to the Charitable foundation Zhuveryobe

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