Yegorka in the country of buttons

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We invite you to the children's musical "Egorka in the Land of Buttons".

We all lose buttons. They roll away from us, and we never again meet many of them. Or maybe it is not quite so and you just need to carefully look at it ?! Around - bright flowers: petals and hearts - buttons, footpaths and grass - button-like, trees - from round buttons, green on the branches - button-leaves, redden, buttons-fruits turn yellow. From above - the big yellow button - the sun.

“Incredible! So, where are the buttons running ... from below, from above, wherever you look - buttons are everywhere! ”- this discovery was made by an ordinary 7-year-old boy, Egorka, when he got into the magical Land of buttons. And you, our dear guys and their parents, what will you feel when you yourself get into this unusual fairy-tale Land of lost buttons and meet the King of threads and the Queen of Goodza-Moozy with small funny buttons?
Children's musical tale in 2 acts.

Play - Lana Ra, poems - A. Vratarev

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